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A raidplanner for Ragnarok guilds

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Posted 18 January 2016 - 01:54 PM


I created a guild raid planner website at allgenda.com .

It is a multi game, multi guild calendar which does not require hosting from your part.

I just released the Ragnarok Online module last week.

On this tool, guild officers can create events which will be displayed in a calendar view.
Members can sign up to these events to notify their participation (yes, no, maybe ...).
When signing up they can choose a character and add a comment.

There are many functions to make the life of guild admins and guildies easier :
- admins can send email notifications to members (ex : remind ppl to sign up)
- admins can edit the character / sign up status of members
- there are attendance statistics to find on what days of the week you need people
- there is a roster view
- it is multi guild, meaning that you can have a calendar for your guild and a calendar for an alliance
- you can use a background of your choice and there are 5 skins.

There is also a specific and lighter interface on mobile device.

I update it regularly with new features or pre-designed icons for events.

The Ragnarok module is new, do not hesitate to tell me if I made mistakes or forgot something.


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Posted 18 February 2016 - 12:56 PM

Hello, I added two major features :

- Calendars can be public : if you provide the correct link, visitors will be able to see your events* without having to be logged in Allgenda. The first calendar of any newly created group is now public by default. You have to go to "Settings" / "My groups" / "Agendas" to manage the access rights on your calendars.

- Event's management can be restricted to a raid leader : when you create an event you can tell who among the community leaders will be able to manage the event (edit, remove, organize participants). Group admins keep these rights too. With this feature you can give the rights to create events to all your members and make sure that they will not mess with each other stuff.

There is a good synergy between these two features. If you want you can organize cross guild events from a public forum, the public will be able to see these events and the members will be able to sign up or create their own events.


* : they will see the time, icon, title and description of the events but not who signed up and the comments.

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