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Warlocks on the road

combo fix

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#41 faC645lB


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Posted 18 September 2018 - 08:43 PM

I play a warlock too, since many years, and I still love it so much with it's amazing different AOE skills. I Play other classes too, but warlock is my favorite character, even if it cannot compete against ranger, sura or genetic at MVPs. For stationary MVPs I often have chance early in the morning. For random spawning MVPs there are same chances for all classes; one has to seek the MVP on the map; if I am lucky, I meet the MVP himself, or I can find at least the tombstone. Then I notice the next spawn time and wait then patiently til the Stone vanishes. If there are other Players waiting, all have the same chance to find and kill the MVP first. Only the convex users disturb this fair hunting possibility, Enjoy your warlock, it's so funny to play, killing huge Mobs and farm nice items… :-)

#42 Avenger2


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Posted 05 October 2018 - 10:59 AM

to faC645IB

Sorry, my friend, I have only one (and short) life so I can not wait for that time when all my opponents disappeared before me.
My char is also the favorite char. If it would not be I should have been to finish with him for a long time ago and choose another perspective char.

PS: Could you fulfill Geffen magic Tournament with WL char?
PS2: I was sitting until 12 hours near Amon. Result: 0, zero, nothing KILL. My power is a disastrous crap.

#43 DaBump


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Posted 09 November 2018 - 03:29 PM

Just my Warlock 2cents. @Avenger2 either you are 13-15 old, or you really forgot to grow up.

PS: Warlock is one of the best killers in Geffen magic tournament and as soon as excellion set arrives will do even better.
PS2: To cover MVPs competetively you need to have Mdef pierce, that means 2x Vesper card. This is maximum of 4-6b zeny. That is actually really cheap and you should be able to hustle this amount in about 6-12 months of casual playing.

Please understand the fact that warlock has shifted more to the position of mob control / PVP rather than pure raw dmg.

My suggestion would be, push on WhyBe smartly, ask for items from jRo and iRo that allows 50% mdef pierce purely from one accessory and kRo shadow gears.

That is the only way. Crying on the forum will not help you with anything

#44 Zantetsuken


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Posted 09 November 2018 - 04:05 PM

Warlock is a really completed class who offer a large panel of skill useful in team. Yes it can be difficult to improve your damages but you can also inflict status, freezing to slow cast time of monster, burning to do a large amount of damage to high pool hp monsters (some clues for geffen).
You have some equipment who can help you, (spell break , fiber lock, hiding)...

I know a warlock who do geffen tournament and bio lab alone and he didn't use mvp cards for that /heh
Avenger you can kill majority of monsters of geffen tournament with spell breaker only ...
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