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In Topic: Identify a Bubble Gum (24 hours)

06 May 2019 - 09:58 AM

just trade them to another character and back to you, that should work

In Topic: what is better Lion Model Hat [1] or Dark Lord Card?

22 February 2019 - 01:53 PM

I can already tell you that there are a few rare situations in which you will die with that gear and stats at scarabas. I tested the hell out of it with different classes/stats/gear and encountered all kinds of weird things, from the mvp spawning right insight you, to the freaking heal and meteorstorm won't proc for ages.

I am able stay afk from maintenance to maintenance and I promise you that you can't do that - you will die, I'm absolutely sure about that.

In Topic: what is better Lion Model Hat [1] or Dark Lord Card?

20 February 2019 - 04:23 AM

View PostRollingCutter101, on 19 February 2019 - 06:44 PM, said:

can you pm me what is your gear when you lvlin in scaraba?

It's not a secret so I just post it here.

My current AB equipment:
  • +8 Red Dress Hat of Acolyte (Parus Card) - you can change that to anything else if you want.
  • Black Devil's Mask of Vitality (Ungoliant Card) - must have
  • +7 Valkyrian Armor of Gnome (Sandman Card) - this armor is for the mvp. do not use Brynhild, it could kill you because of the mvps pushback skill.
  • +7 Ancient Shield Of Aeon of Gargantua (Bigfoot Card) - must have (can be any shield)
  • +9 Deviant Bravery Bag (Deviling Card) - must have
  • +7 Temporal Int Boots of Doom (Dark Lord Card) - must have (can be any shoes/boots)
  • +12 Recovery Light - that's for AB only. you can use any MATK weapon with or without Red Ferus Cards
  • Pendant Of Harmony - no need if you are watching the screen or if you are active playing
  • Ring Of Resonance - must have
Shadow equipment can be anything. - HP/Heal/Int/Def/MATK

Items that push your autoheal are great like Red Dress Hat, Healing Weapon Shadow and any Int equipment.

This is pretty much the best stuff you can use atm and I tested everything for hours/days/weeks. you don't need most of that if you are playing active. but if you want to be able to be completely afk and survive every mobtrain including the queen, you want the stuff I posted. btw. the queen, while in berserk, is only really dangerous if someone else is killing her Mob while you are tanking her. but with the gear posted you will survive that.

Edit: btw if you never go afk the equipment is totally different with stuff like Salamander Card and so on. just so you know.

In Topic: what is better Lion Model Hat [1] or Dark Lord Card?

12 February 2019 - 11:51 PM

View PostCPasGratuit!, on 12 February 2019 - 01:54 PM, said:

Just wondering, did you manage to do that with a sorcerer or a warlock ? I'm pretty interested in lazy leveling ! XD

Classes I did that with were arch bishop, sura and royal guard. I'm pretty sure you can do that with Sorcerer and Warlock, too. honestly, you can use almost every class if you are willing to put int/vit on them.

View PostNorsk, on 12 February 2019 - 03:02 PM, said:

I know, I saw you sometimes @ Scaraba. Any numbers about EXP/h? Looked like advanced OD2 leveling to me haha.

No I don't have any numbers but calling it advanced OD2 leveling is pretty accurate. keep in mind that you actually need a few people leveling down there to profit from respawn, if you really want to go afk like me (and the genetic who copied me). I mostly go there if we have exp events running.

In Topic: what is better Lion Model Hat [1] or Dark Lord Card?

12 February 2019 - 01:34 PM

or you are lazy like me and use your DL card till 165 - you can't do that with Ifrit Mask and so on. well... you can but it takes ages.