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Banned for Bow Mercenary

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In Topic: Banned (by GM_06) for using Level 6 Bow Mercenary with Custom AI (AZZY AI)

25 October 2018 - 07:05 PM

You guys seem to miss a very very very important point. The reason why i got Banned and what I did to recive the Bann, it doesn't matter how long i am banned...

there are several players who use makro for autopot, spam with their dragonbreath, use autoaim bot, WPE to do Castle defense, flaming each other hard, stealing stuff from other Players, autofeed...

as a Player who wants to fight against all this stuff, it is freaking hard to get the gms to do something about it.... i am attacking the highest GM in this game now and try to show up what he does wrong and try to change something that happens on this server, because i love this game … all of a sudden they try now to fix dragonbreath FINALLY … i reported several times a dragonbreath Spammer, but when you Point your finger on an GM, finally they try to fix something…. Maybe it is an coincidence but i am not willing to belive that so I will continue.

it was like the time when mimimi and fockers did their Protests.... finally something changed on the Server, and i'm willing to fight for that and i even contacted my law ensurence Company and i explained them what happened and they say i am Right and i just have to sent them the files and they will go against this Company or this GM. I just wait for their answer now Maybe they will finally give me the email of their boss… if not i am going for my first lawsuit :/

just think About what they promised us?
How Long are we waiting for the Rebellion update?
For a fix for this damn cheaters, and they get more and more, because People are frustrated to fight against the cheaters - Just check out the Asgard Castle defense in Bergel! 6 Loki Characters obviously played by WPE and all 6 are just spamming Song of Despair on the same cell with instand cast so you dont even see them spamming. And our GMs have no clue whats Happening there, if i just set one of them inside they would think, everything is fine there…. and i think they have no clue how to figure out if someone is cheating, and i am not even mad about Asgard to use this cheating method, because it is their only chance to fight against other cheaters….. so well done Asgard well done… you did the best cheating defense so far...

In Topic: Banned (by GM_06) for using Level 6 Bow Mercenary with Custom AI (AZZY AI)

25 October 2018 - 02:56 PM

I got this Response:


Good Morning,

According to your e-mail, the account has been banned for no reason which, in this case, is not true. Indeed, as RO_GM06 already told you, the account has been banned because it used an AI Tool that managed a Mercenary set to kill steal.

The 5 days of banishment from our server is in accordance with our General Terms 6.4 which states as follows:

"The user will abstain from harassing and threatening any particular user or other users."

You agreed with these guidelines by playing on our server and failing to comply leads to a partial or permanent banishment from our server for the account that broke the rules


Best regards,

GM Krathius

they still denie me the opportunity to talk to their Supervisor and i was asking for the Video because due to the INGAME RULES

they Need an Video to bann me =) i will post this Video then so everyone can see that i didn't KS

and About the AOE Discussion, i was using Bow Mercenary Level 6 it has Dopple Stafe Level 7 not Arrow Shower...

In Topic: Banned (by GM_06) for using Level 6 Bow Mercenary with Custom AI (AZZY AI)

25 October 2018 - 04:48 AM

View PostBanned for Bow Mercenary, on 24 October 2018 - 03:43 PM, said:

I had it on tape but then i recived an Bann and everyone knows, when you get kicked or time-out your Recording is getting canceled, so i can’t proof that unfortunatly.

Please i think thats a very serious discussion, only post something if you read this thread carefully =)