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Banned for Bow Mercenary

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Banned (by GM_06) for using Level 6 Bow Mercenary with Custom AI (AZZY AI)

24 October 2018 - 03:43 PM

If you delete this post you harm my rights of „freedom of speech“ and „freedom of expression“, I will make an screenshot of this topic and if necessary i will add this to the report i will sent to Whybe.

Dear Ragnarok Players,

it happened to me, I was getting banned for basically doing nothing, I was in Ant-Hell standing AFK at the entrance and I got banned for „Kill Stealing“. But first things first: I was not playing activ while my mercenary was attacking Ant-Eggs and then a Player from LON (i will not say any names he was just mad, he did nothing wrong) came and was flaming me for the same thing he was doing, using an Mercenary! (which makes me wondering why he doesn’t recive a bann aswell… but back to the topic)

I was just AFK watching some movies and (approx) every 10 Minutes checking if my mercenary timed out, just the stuff you do when you level AFK. (While getting flamed from this guy.) He even got so mad, he killed me 2 times with Deadbranches, I had it on tape but then i recived an Bann and everyone knows, when you get kicked or time-out your Recording is getting canceled, so i can’t proof that unfortunatly.

After some time and 2-3 people of LON Bulling me it happened, i got banned by GM_06, the reason … Killstealing!

I admit i was using AZZY AI, which is basically an Custom AI, which is no 3rd Party Programm, it is an AI which you can activate or deactivate intentionally ingame while typing /HOAI or /MERAI. (which is no custom Command, it is an legit game command). This AI is working for Homunculus and Mercenary and it is the way to go if you want to use an custom AI. The funny thing is, this AI has even an Option which disables Kill Stealing and my option was disabled, so basically if his mercenary attacked first, mine would have gotten off of this mob. So i did everything i can do to prevent Kill Stealing while using this Ingame intentional implemented Method to level UP afk.
This is the reason why my Account got banned.

So lets summarize what happend:
· I was the victim of offensiv language
· I was killed intentionally from those Players with Dead Branches
· I was getting Banned for doing nothing illegal

But it hasn’t stopped there, I wanted to talk to the supervisor of GM_06. That for I pmed GM_06 on Discord and he denied me that option which is basically dening me ART. 77 of the GDPR General Data Protection RegulatioN
So I couldn’t even fight back his false decission. But I sent an E-Mail to the support team of fRO and it says in this E-Mail that i want this topic handled by the supervisior of GM_06.

So if i can’t speak to the supervisor i will give this topic to my law ensurance company.

If the bann was an right decission I will report any Alchemist, Genetic and Biochemist (in Orc Dungeon) in this game :‘) because they do that all the time and even use Auto Feed Programms which are real 3rd Party Programms and therefore illegal on this server.

And if these Players dont recive an Bann aswell, i might add another law to the list. Because i was not threaten equal or i was discriminated by GM_06.